Precision Systems Technologies

Since foundation in 1998 and up to date, company Precision Systems Technologies successfully supply marine and industrial markets with automation and control systems devoted to control engines and aggregates, as well, as to acquisite and process data for higher level control and monitoring systems. Wide range of services are provided also for any types of aggregates and devices produced by foreign and domestic manufacturers.

At work, the organization stakes on most modern concepts and solutions, being based on high qualified personnel including own application research team, construct & technique division and engineering field brigades operating on local and distant objects.

Structure of the company is oriented to fast and effective decision making for widest scope of tasks, from simple repairs of hydromechanical  governors up to creation and full implementation of complexest computerized control systems.

Precision Systems Technologies gather best achievements of Siemens, Woodward, Bosch Rexroth, and other famous corporations in order to create original control and automation systems for industry.
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